Excavating and Trenching Services in Ohio

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In construction, excavation is used to install communication cables and power facilities and reroute water and sewer lines during major construction projects.

An excavation project typically involves digging trenches that can be anywhere from 3-15 feet deep before installing necessary cable or lines. This process tends to be more disruptive than directional drilling, but we strive to use the best equipment to reduce our footprint. 

Other Services

Not sure if excavating is the right division for your project? Harris & Heavener also offers these services.

Do you need help with design, drafting and permitting to get your project started? We can help.

How We Do Excavating
and Trenching

There are several steps that go into an excavating and trenching project. We will:

  1. Vacuum excavate existing utilities
  2. Dig and haul material away from project
  3. Test soil and secure with Fin Form shoring panels and hydraulic jacks
  4. Insert pipe with concrete encasements
  5. Backfill and restore area

However, before we ever begin a project, we send our field superintendents to prep our job site. They go out to the location for the project and survey the area to ensure that any potential issues are handled upfront, before our crews even begin to dig. Adding this extra step to our workflow means that we eliminate roadblocks before they happen, ensuring a smooth and efficient project.

We also provide the following services to complement our excavation and trenching division:

  • Manhole and duct bank construction
  • Power rodding
  • Jet flush conduits
  • Videotaping of underground piping
  • Licensed water and sewer contracting

Have an excavating or trenching project in mind?

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